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Air Conditioning Control


Pressure Control

Adjustable Pressure Range Convertible Reset options Avilable

Oil Separator

Impingement & Centrifugal Wide product Range, 1.5 To 127 Ton nominal R22 Capcity


Multi Capacity TEV Type EMC Series Expansion Valve

To separeate port design A large port for pulldown loads & a smaller port  to control holding loads Improves Supeheat control & provides higher  enrgy efficiency

Multi Capacity TEV Type EMC Series Expansion Valve

Take apart Construction. Capacity 1/2 To 100 Tons


Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Replaceable thermostatic elements for standard  altrnative refigerators. Selective charges for different evaporating  temperatures.

Solenoid Valves

Direct Actiong & pilot operated Normally open  or closed Avilable in different styles for liquid suction &  discharge line


Moisture & Liquid Indicators

Fused glass design Avilable in different styles with connection sizes 1/4 -2 1/8.

Solenoid Valves


FCU Valves & Actuators

Direct Coupled Actuators


Water Flow Switch

FCU Valves & Actuators


Air Pressure Gauge

Valve Actuators


Globe Valves

Butterfly Valve



Balancing Valve





Flow Switch

Solenoid Valve


Door Latch

Safety Device



Replaceble Solid Core Filter



Oil Separator


Moisture Liquid Indicator

Liquid level Switch


Pressure Controal

Liquid Level Controller